Outline of Activities
The Sendai Gender Equal Opportunity Foundation,based at the Sendai City Gender Equality Promotion Center "L・Park Sendai" and "L・Sola Sendai", promotes gender-equality in Sendai.

Major Activities
1.Investigative Research
Implementing comprehensive and practical research to promote the creation of a gender-equal society; being the major support for investigative activities for gender-equal opportunities.
2.Public Relations & Education
Publishing regular newsletter to promote use of facility and publicize the Foundation's activities. Preparing and distributing effective enlightening materials directed for men and businesses. Sponsoring exhibits to heighten awareness and understanding of what a gender-equal society is.
3.Providing Information
In order to make materials on women's issues and men's issues readily available,the Foundation is providing information,a place,creation of a network and a web site.
4.Education & Training
Sponsoring various educational lectures and forums presented from various viewpoints, supporting civic groups which plan and host their own lectures to promote a gender-equal society.
Providing a place for citizens' groups to make presentations of their activities as well as have exchanges with each other. Supporting research and exchange activities of citizens' groups who are interested in resolving women's issues abroad. Building network between citizens' groups and research institutes within Japan and abroad.
6.Training & Support
Supporting training programs in planning and leadership for citizens' groups carrying out initiatives to promote gender-equal opportunity. Providing a day-care center to create an environment for people with small children to be able to participate in society. Presenting various kinds of lectures and information to support women who have a strong desire to work.

Entrusted Projects
The Foundation has been entrusted with various activities which are carried out by public organizations in order to promote gender-equal opportunities.

Administration and operation of ''L・Park Sendai'' and ''L・Sola Sendai''.
7.Gathering Information
Collecting information on women's issues and men's issues. Lending reference materials to the public.
Offering counseling on problems faced by women concerning how they should live their lives, and assisting them to become independent after receiving counseling
9.Supporting Citizens'Activities
Supporting the activities of citizens'groups working towars the realization of a gender-equal society.Providing a place for conducting activities ,lending materials,information and counseling.

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